The value of black house’s front door, according to a home trends expert


Selling your house is a substantial endeavor filled with significant unknowns, with the two biggest ones being how quickly you’ll close the deal and for how much.

For some homeowners, selling their house is a winding journey followed, hopefully, by a successful transaction. For others, it’s a swift and linear process that allows them to accelerate to the next chapter of their lives.

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The curb appeal of your house can greatly influence the speed at which you can secure a sale and whether you can achieve the desired price. The impression your house makes on a potential buyer arriving to see it is instantaneous. As Amanda Pendelton, a home trends expert from Zillow, told Real Simple: “On the right house, a fresh coat of black paint looks classic. It’s a high-contrast color, so it really stands out and highlights the front door.”

Furthermore, studies have shown that the number one door color to aid in selling a house is black. The allure of neutrals like black lies in their timelessness, regardless of trends. They consistently complement versatile palettes and other colors. Therefore, when preparing your house for sale, darkening the front door can be a savvy move.

The Benefits of a Black Front Door

In a 2022 study, online real estate market Zillow stated that homes with black doors sold for $6,449 more than homes with doors of other colors but similar design. Refurbishing a door typically requires a quart of primer (about $17) and a quart of paint (around $30). This means a $47 investment can yield an ROI of nearly 14,000%.

From a design standpoint, black conveys sophistication, elegance, and prestige. What better first impression to provide a potential home buyer? However, not all black paints are created equal. Look for one that contrasts well with the rest of your exterior for a stunning look. Sherwin Williams’ Tricorn Black is a popular choice, as it’s a true black shade that works well with warm and cool tones. Alternatively, you can opt for Benjamin Moore’s Onyx, a softer, warmer black that is adaptable and welcoming.
Many architectural styles and exterior house colors can beautifully complement a black door.

Farmhouse and contemporary styles often incorporate black into their color schemes, of course. However, even more traditional home styles can benefit from the versatility of this hue.
Cape Cod and mid-century modern homes often feature contrasting doors, and a black shade lends a fresh appearance. A black door can also modernize the exterior and play off the masonry of an apartment or colonial house. Then, add an elegant wreath and a few pots to adorn your imposing door, and your entrance will be ready for house hunters.

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