Trends of 5 rooms that experts predict will be everywhere in 2024

Trends of 5 rooms that experts predict will be everywhere in 2024 Noe DeWitt

Say goodbye to the prefab trends from the early 2000s; it’s time for a style wake-up call. According to New York-based interior designer Corey Damen Jenkins, we are entering a new era of bedroom style.

“We are on track to see a pendulum swing with the new bedroom trends.” We are bidding farewell to the beige, gray, and simple lines craze that “dominated the early 2000s,” says Jenkins. “Now, about 20 years later, people are asking for something different.”

“Color Drenching” is the new favorite maximalist design trend of the internet

Jenkins notes that many of the current trends are indicative of the pandemic and the fact that most of us were, to put it mildly, stuck at home.

“It was as if Mother Nature sent everyone to their rooms,” he says. “I think people realized they couldn’t travel and visit Hawaii or other beautiful environments with blue skies and lush green grass and were living in a beige house. People found out they like colors more than they thought.”

Now, as we can travel and see the world again, many are aware of the value of deeply personalizing the places where we spend most of our time. The current trends that designers like Jenkins and luxury bedding brands like Matouk are seeing reflect this reprioritization of making the bedroom a sanctuary where you can escape. Keep reading to see the top bedding trends for 2024.

Turn on the Colors

Color is a wonderful thing and will be undergoing a great revival in 2024. However, that doesn’t mean color has to be intimidating (especially in traditionally soft spaces like a bedroom). If you’re a bit hesitant to go beyond the rainbow with your paint choice, Jenkins has some advice.
“Keep the beige and gray and be open to bringing in a touch of green, navy, red, or some other primary jewel tone,” he says. He continues to share that touches of color bring a welcome glow.

A Quest for Individuality

The days of big stores and everyone buying from the same catalog are over. Jenkins says now his clients are looking for something they can simply call their own.
“In the bedroom, we see a real interest in antique beds and nightstands. And antique doesn’t always mean Louis XVI or Queen Anne; it can be a more modern selection from the 1950s, 60s, or even the 70s.” Real estate and antique shops are coming back into fashion, as well as repurposing family heirlooms.

Revival of the Guest Room

Last year, all rooms received more attention – including the guest rooms. However, in these spaces, people are more willing to take risks and play with patterns than in their main rooms. Single beds, canopy beds, full prints, and other unique applications are becoming increasingly popular in these bedrooms.

A Monochromatic Moment

Apart from the more whimsical designs of the guest room, soft monochromatic styles are also making an impact in 2024. This trend brings the bed back to basics. Mindy Matouk, creative director of luxury bedding brand Matouk, explains this as “making the bed with only the necessary layers, only the essential pillows, and nothing on the bed that you don’t need or love.”

Quality Comfort

Comfort has always been king when it comes to bedding, but in a time when so much has changed so quickly, sleep is more important than ever. “Especially because the boundaries between work and home life have blurred with the pandemic… people are having a hard time sleeping,” Jenkins shares. Because of this, people are looking for comfortable and luxurious bedding.
“Personally, I think the most important quality of a bed is the feeling when you lie under the covers to sleep,” Matouk shares. “Of course, we all want a bed that is aesthetically pleasing, but let’s first make sure the bed is amazing, like the place you most want to be.” Mattresses, sheets, and duvets of the highest quality make all the difference.

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