Aman, renowned for its ultra-luxurious hotels, has launched its own furniture line.

Aman, renowned for its ultra-luxurious hotels, has launched its own furniture line

The allure of luxury vacations lies in the unique experience provided by prestigious hotels, as emphasized by the launch of Aman Interiors by the globally renowned hospitality brand. The initiative aims to capture the fascinating atmosphere of its luxurious properties worldwide.

Aman will finally be able to meet the long-standing demands of regular customers to access the impeccable design credentials of the brand. The aesthetic is too amazing to be imitated, but no longer impossible. The segment is launched with its Foundations Collection, featuring selected furniture designs available to customers upon request.

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The first collection is designed by a very well-known name, Kengo Kuma, who will deliver the first round of limited-edition furniture pieces. Kuma was the brain behind the retail pavilion in Thailand and, more recently, Aman Miami Beach.

To make the experience healthier for brand enthusiasts, the company will also offer an interior design and sourcing service for owners. They benefit the most from antiques and furniture, all perfectly matching the brand’s interiors!

The amazing Aman Interiors is gearing up for a launch at the Design Miami fair in Florida. “We analyzed the demand from Aman addicts [the common nickname for Aman’s devoted customers] and this general desire to bring a piece of Aman home,” said Aman Interiors CEO Morad Tabrizi when asked about the decision to do this now.

“Making interiors, I believe, is the most intimate transaction that exists. We are capturing a feeling and providing a sense of calm through materiality and proportion.” The furniture collection consists of 30 editions of specially designed dining tables and chairs for the Miami project.

Doronin, president, owner, and CEO of the group and president of Aman Interiors, said, “Design and architecture, including furniture design, have long been my true passions, and it was the elevated design aesthetic that first attracted me to the brand as a guest.”

He added, “Today, I am very pleased that we can bring the next phase of lifestyle to our customers with the creation of Interiors. This multifaceted business will provide direct access to an interior design team, both to facilitate the perfect furnishings for Residences and Hotels and to bring to market custom furniture designs created through the lens of our experience.”

The official launch will be at Design Miami from December 5 to 10, 2023, with the Migumi collection, designed in collaboration with Kengo Kuma. The price is available upon request.

Source: LuxuryLaunches

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