5 Ideal Plants for Pruning in December

5 Ideal Plants for Pruning in December
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December is a time full of preparations for festivities, but don’t forget about your plants!

With the arrival of summer, it’s the ideal time for some strategic pruning that will promote healthy and lush growth in your plants.

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Here are five plants that will significantly benefit from pruning this month:

Dazzling Roses:

Roses are the essence of many gardens, and December is the perfect time to prune them. Remove old flowers and dead branches to encourage new shoots and extend the blooming season. Maintain an open shape to improve air circulation and reduce diseases.

Flowering Shrubs:

Shrubs like hydrangeas can be pruned now to promote lush flowering next year. Trim faded flowers and cut some of the older branches. This will allow the plant to concentrate its energy on younger and vigorous shoots.

Fruit Trees:

If you have fruit trees, December is the time to prune them to encourage the growth of quality fruits. Remove any dead, diseased, or damaged branches. Open pruning is also beneficial to ensure that sunlight reaches all branches.

Fragrant Lavender:

To keep your lavender looking compact and healthy, pruning in December is essential. Cut about a third of the branches, removing faded flowers. This helps prevent old wood and stimulates new growth.

Summer Ornamental Plants:

If you have ornamental plants that bloom during the summer, such as dahlias and gladioli, December is the right time to prune them. Trim the faded flowers to stimulate new shoots. When the growing season begins, your plants will be ready to impress.
Always remember to use sharp and clean pruning tools to avoid unnecessary damage to the plants. Also, adapt pruning techniques according to the type of plant and its specific needs. By giving attention to your garden now, you’ll reap the benefits of a lush and vibrant space in the next season. So, take the time in December to care for your plants and prepare your garden to shine under the summer sun.

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