Video: Couple Lives Aboard a Fascinating Motorhome

Video: Couple Lives Aboard a Fascinating Motorhome

A Turkish couple of artists has gained attention on social media by sharing their laid-back daily routine aboard an incredibly decorated motorhome, providing ample internal space for a comfortable life.


Residing full-time in the motorhome, Burçak and İbrahim Yakut, owners of the @seyyarhane page on TikTok, traverse the country in the company of their adorable dog. Each stop reveals a more spectacular landscape than the previous one.

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The predominantly white vehicle with wooden details is equipped with a bed, sofa, full kitchen, and even a rooftop space for relaxation, next to solar panels that power the trailer with energy.
The couple’s videos have garnered millions of likes, with one, in particular, being a major success, accumulating 2.3 million views on both TikTok and Instagram.

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