Video: Couple Buys Church and Transforms It into a Huge Home for Their Children

Couple Buys Church and Transforms It into a Huge Home for Their Children

This couple didn’t have enough money to buy a huge house for their children—so, instead, they bought a church.


In a divine story of creativity and ambition, a couple’s quest for more space—and affordable space—for their growing family led them to an extraordinary venture, transforming an abandoned church into the home of their dreams.

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Sharing their remarkable renovation journey through their TikTok channel, @bb_acres, Alex and her husband disclosed the challenges and triumphs of converting the 1973-built church—situated on a sprawling 12,000-square-meter plot in Reno, Nevada—into their cherished abode.

When they acquired the property, the church still retained its original features like pews, altar, and pulpit.

For this couple, the church held sentimental value, resonating deeply with the numerous beautiful memories it harbored. Local anecdotes of community members recounting weddings held within its walls further fueled the desire to breathe new life into this historic building.

Their journey, documented on the social media platform, has garnered over 6.5 million views.

The spacious 370-square-meter area, affectionately referred to as the “house,” even boasted a tower on the roof, adding a touch of personality to their ambitious project.

Embarking on extensive renovations, the couple dedicated themselves tirelessly, citing the picturesque views of nature that led them to fall in love with the property.

Though it’s been a year and a half since the property purchase, the transformation is still ongoing.

However, significant strides have been made. Walls have been painted, the floor tiled, and the once ecclesiastical space now features five bedrooms and three bathrooms.

Opting for a chic black and white theme, the couple adorned the interior with white furniture complemented by elegant black handles.

Notable additions include a double shower with impressive gray stone tiles.

On the open layout on the ground floor, there’s a considerable kitchen island and string lights hanging from the ceiling. Outside, a patio equipped with a barbecue promises enjoyable evenings of warm-weather entertaining with friends and family.

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