The Line, a futuristic and sustainable city envisioned by Saudi Arabia in the desert, is already under construction. Watch the video!

The Line
Divulgação/ Neom

Saudi Arabia is shaping a stunning future: The Line, a vertical megalopolis in the desert, free from cars, roads, and carbon emissions. This pioneering project has begun to materialize in Neom, near the Red Sea.

The name “The Line” reflects the city’s revolutionary design. With only 200 meters in width and 500 meters in height, but stretching over 170 kilometers, it resembles an expansive line, cutting across mountains, deserts, and coastlines. Two walls with mirrored surfaces outline the urban perimeter, harmonizing architecture with the surrounding nature.

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However, the ambition of this project goes beyond aesthetics, aiming for a new way of living. The creators propose a three-dimensional approach, where the functions of the city are stacked vertically, allowing people to move upwards, downwards, and laterally.

Titled “Zero Gravity Urbanism,” this concept integrates public parks, pedestrian areas, schools, residences, and workspaces in the same area. The goal is for all daily needs to be met within minutes of distance.
Despite initial doubts about the feasibility of The Line, construction is already underway. The first modules are expected to be operational by 2026, and the anticipation is that by 2030, one million people will call this place home, with a projection of nine million inhabitants by 2045.

The investment required to make this vision a reality is equally impressive: initially estimated at $500 billion, equivalent to 2.4 trillion Brazilian reais. Saudi Arabia is truly redefining urban future with The Line.

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