Feng Shui: The Best Colors to Paint the Front Door

In feng shui, luck begins with the painting of the front door. Photo: Unsplash
In feng shui, luck begins with the painting of the front door. Photo: Unsplash

We all do everything we can to attract good luck. For some, it’s ideal to turn to feng shui and choose a lucky color, while for others, carrying a lucky charm is enough. You should also ensure that your home is set up to attract as much luck as possible.

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In feng shui, it all starts with painting the front door with a tone that promotes luck. According to the practice, different colors have different impacts on your energy and how you behave in a space. So, it makes sense for the entrance of your home to be the ideal place to start organizing things.

Keep reading to see what feng shui experts have to say about the five luckiest colors to paint your front door.


“In Chinese culture, red is considered a symbol of good luck and is often used during important ceremonies and celebrations,” explains Matthias Dettmann, psychologist, tarot reader, and feng shui expert. “In feng shui, the practice of organizing living spaces to create a harmonious environment, a red front door is believed to attract positive energy and good luck into the home.”
The same is true in other cultures as well. The color is an almost universal symbol of prosperity and happiness. Pass through it every day and you’ll feel a wave of energy and positivity. You may even evoke the same happy feelings from passersby who notice your cheerful entrance.


The next luckiest color for your front door is the most popular one. “Black is associated with strength, power, and sophistication,” says Dettmann. “It is also believed to provide protection and absorb negative energy.”
Therefore, you may notice more fortuitous situations in your life and fewer unwanted ones.

The color is powerful, so feng shui experts suggest gradually adding black to your home decor. The front door is a great place to start. From there, you can incorporate it into other accessories and walls of the house.


Who could resist painting the front door with this sunny and charming shade? In a TikTok video, inner child healer and feng shui expert Stacy Scott explains that, as it is connected to earth energy, “yellow in feng shui is linked to health and overall well-being.”
Dettmann notes that the color also brings luck in other cultures. “In Hinduism, the color yellow is associated with knowledge and learning and is often used to paint front doors to invite good energy and success,” he says. It has an uplifting and joyful effect on those who see it.


Green is another color historically associated with luck and prosperity. It also comes into play in feng shui.
“Green is amazing—it’s about growth, staying healthy, and keeping things good and balanced,” says Michelle Justice, feng shui expert from Nature Sound Retreat. “If you want a peaceful, cool vibe in your life, green is the way to go.”

Flank your green door with real vegetation for even more luck. In feng shui, adding a healthy plant to a space is an easy way to boost its energy.

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The color of the sky and water, this lucky shade brings tranquility. “If you like more communication, relaxation, and lots of good things in your life, then blue is your color,” says Justice. “It can help make your home super calm and peaceful.”
In feng shui, it is associated with refreshment and healing. We could all use more of that in our daily lives to promote lucky experiences.

Source: BestLife Online

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