Anne Hathaway’s ‘Old Money’ Style Living Room

Anne Hathaway

An ‘old money’ aesthetic is currently the most sought-after interior design trend, but Anne Hathaway’s California cabin-style home personified the trend of quiet luxury long before social media became popular.

Designed by Pamela Shamshiri of Studio Shamshiri, Anne Hathaway’s 1906 country home draws inspiration from the romance and idiosyncrasy of architect Myron Hunt’s vision for a Swiss chalet improbably planted in Southern California.

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The goal of this renovation was to preserve the integrity and charm of the original architecture. Shamshiri added new layers of colors, textures, and furnishings that incorporated old-world charm but also reflected the evolution of the home over time. Its owners, actress Anne Hathaway and her husband, jewelry designer Adam Shulman, were eager to embrace the fairy-tale theatricality of the cottage.

According to Shamshiri: “Conversations with our clients about the atmosphere they wanted to create brought up names like Yves Saint Laurent, Wes Anderson, and David Bowie. We all envisioned a house full of music and beauty.”

Quiet opulence and glamour were paramount here, and the final design does not disappoint.

Designed for gatherings, this space features sociable back-to-back sofas, while the leaded gold table and vintage disco ball add a touch of celebration.

Pamela worked with Anne Hathaway and Adam to create mood panels while studying the style of the original architect. “We created a narrative together and then made it happen.” Wood panels throughout the property, originally designed as a hunting pavilion, made the interior appear dark, so the house was swept with the lighter touch of soft pastel tones.

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The cavernous old ballroom (now a music and living space) with its barn door and exposed beams was central to a central theme: an extravagant New Year’s Eve party. An old Turkish disco ball crowns the space, matching the golden edges of the coffee table, while the luxurious velvety textures of the generous sofas contrast with the newly paneled walls and rustic beams.

In a conversation with Homes & Gardens contributor Juliet Benning, Shamshiri says, “We wanted to preserve as much of the house’s original ‘bones’ as possible.”

Great effort was made to choose ‘old money’ furniture that fit the era. With Anne and Adam enthusiastic collectors of antiques and mid-century modern decor, especially Italian, the house is adorned with intriguing furniture and artworks.

Countless faces appear in the portraits on the walls, and it’s easy to imagine them enjoying the fun and lively social atmosphere the owners promote.

Source: Homes and Gardens

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