4 Outdated Wall Decoration Trends Designers Are Leaving Behind

outdated decoration trend
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Wall decoration is an essential part of interior design, and, like in any creative field, trends come and go. Interior designers are always looking for new ways to make spaces more attractive and functional.

With that in mind, some old wall decoration trends are being set aside to make room for fresher and more innovative ideas.

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Here are four outdated decoration trends that designers are abandoning:

Excessively Ornate Wall Panels

A while back, wall panels with heavy frames and intricate details were popular. However, now designers are simplifying walls. The decoration trend is to use a more neutral and minimalist color palette to create a sense of space and simplicity. Less is more, and excessive frames are being set aside.

Wallpaper with Large and Bold Patterns

While wallpaper has always been a fun way to add personality to a space, large and bold patterns are becoming less popular in decoration. Designers are opting for wallpaper with smaller and subtler patterns or even painting walls in solid colors. These choices create a more balanced and tranquil environment.

Cluttered Wall Art Collages

It used to be common to hang a mishmash of paintings, photos, and artworks on a wall, creating a visually chaotic collage. Now, the trend is simplicity and organization. Designers are creating wall galleries with a more structured approach, using uniform-sized and shaped frames for a more cohesive and sophisticated look.

Wall Letters with Generic Quotes

Wall letters with motivational quotes and generic phrases used to be a popular trend but are now being set aside. Designers are opting for more original and personalized artwork and decorative elements. Instead of generic quotes, walls are coming to life with unique artworks, personal photos, and exclusive design pieces.
As the world of interior design evolves, it’s important for wall decoration trends to keep pace with this progress. Leaving behind these outdated trends opens up space for renewed creativity and the opportunity to create spaces that truly reflect the personality and style of each room. So, if you’re thinking of giving your walls a new look, consider these more modern trends that are gaining prominence in the world of interior design.

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